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Cleaner Carpets Make for a Better Home for Your Child

You may or may have not know the importance of getting your carpets cleaned, but I am going to make sure by the end of this that you will know and understand why you must get your carpet cleaned (steam cleaned professionally) in order to make your home safer and healthier for you and your little one(s). There are lots of hidden bacteria and diseases that hide in our carpet and cause us to become very ill. You probably understand where this is going now. I think we should all get our carpets professionally steam cleaned with high heat so that we can eliminate these threats from taking place by killing it with high heat. I use the best carpet cleaning in Cypress TX for our house and they seem to do a great job. Ordinary household vacuums and steam cleaners won’t do the trick. The ordinary vacuums just clear physical residue but actually spread the harmful bacteria in your carpet instead of getting rid of it. I know you wouldn’t want your or your children laying around in your carpet no matter how clean it may look without a deep steam clean! Think about it, if you took a microscopic look at your carpet today, what would you find? You probably find animal feces, baceria, viruses, pathogens, dirt, fleas, dust, dust mites, and mold just to name a few.

It takes very high temperatures (excess of 200 degrees) to have a direct impact on the bacterias hidden beneath your feet. Unless you have the money and time to lay down some serious heat from a commercial steamer, I suggest you leave it to the experts. Sure that home steamer may look nice and steam comes out, but is it hot enough to effectively get rid of all the bad things hiding in your carpet? Probably not, and I’d rather be safe than sorry. So many people get sick and stay sick year round just from living inside their home (whether it’s allergies or something more).

Anyways the point is to bring to your attention the little things in our lives that can drag us down. So are you going to step up and keep your home healthy for your family or risk suffering adverse effects within your own house?

The Best Breast Pumps for You and Your Child

The most important part about picking out a pump that works for you is most likely going to fall into at least one of the three categories listed below.

Comfort. We all know that we want a good amount suction in order for the product to work, but not at the expense of a bruise or “suction” mark. The hardest part is finding a breast pump that will give you the proper fit and suction without causing any pain since you will be using it quite a bit.

Easy of Use. No one wants complicated things, who likes things to be complicated. Easy as 1-2-3 is much easier than easy as 1-15! This also means that the pump is easy to clean and rinse out for repeated use. This is very important because you don’t want any residue to be left that can potentially harm or cause your baby to become sick.

Time Efficient. Okay, no one wants to be on the pump for hours. We all want to get off the pump just as fast as when we got on it. Get the most out of your pump with as little time or pumps (for manual) as possible.

Durability. Having a breast pump that lasts a long time is also a major factor because we don’t want to have to blow through our money or time looking for new pumps to buy that have worn down and cracked. Another reason is having a BPA approved bottle that is not harmful to your baby. We also don’t want little plastic bits being ingested by our little ones.

Manual vs Electric. This is pure preference on your part. Obviously manual is usually much quiter and less painful than electric pumps. If you’re tired and want to get the most amount of milk in least time than electric may be the best option for.

So, What is the BEST Breast Pump?

Everyone is different but I strongly recommend the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump because it best one the incorporates all the characteristics above. It is very comfortable, easy to use, quiet, and time efficient! It also has a long swivel handle which lets me set the best angle for pumping while suctioning more milk with less effort.